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EAS Sourcing; No stress

EAS sourcing is a full-service organization specialized in sourcing and home-delivery of EAS products. EAS sourcing guarantees the delivery of the best product at the best price.

EAS sourcing has been founded from the need for cost reduction for the retailer without making any concessions to quality. 

Practically without exception, EAS tags, paper labels, DR labels, detachers and other EAS accessories are produced these days in China. This also applies to products of the well-known manufacturers, including Checkpoint and Sensormatic.

The number of suppliers is significant. However, that also applies to the diversity in quality of the products delivered. Looking for and finding the best supplier for a certain product is time-consuming and requires expertise.

Chinese suppliers usually ask for a prepayment of the goods ordered. But in case of quality issues the damage can be considerable. Sending goods back to China is practically impossible and by reason of risk reduction, the tapping of new channels often does not take place.  

As of now, this is no longer necessary. EAS sourcing takes care of the entire project from sourcing to delivery at every desired location. Directly from the factory to the customer’s doorstep.  

Orders can simply be placed at the our offices in Europe or China. The employees also are the point of contact for the European customers and take care of the entire process of transport, import and shipment within Europe. 

The quality of goods will be guaranteed by engineers in China, who operate from our office in Quingdao. This office is responsible for audits, quality control and packaging in conformity with European standards. 


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